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Masters and Ladies of the magical world,


We would like you to emerge from hiding and re-enter our old world of mythology and magic. Please join us in escaping this humdrum existence and enter a world as old as creation itself. Our head Sorcerer Master Merlin will open the portal between worlds so you can join the Coven for an unforgettable feast of not just food but of the senses. As I’m sure you’re aware the portal only opens every seven years, so please do not miss this opportunity.  


Our seven teachers of both the old and new orders invite you to the Great Hall to be involved in a gathering of magical beings. Our members of the coven are creatures of both the old and new orders. Some are as old as time itself, like our Master Frick, shapeshifter and trickster extraordinaire. They will help rekindle your magical abilities during this feast and teach you incantations that you may have forgotten due to your temporary displacement in the non-magical world.    

We know this world affects the memory so let us remind you of who you once were. As you will soon remember magic is all about balance and order. Our Master Merlin is a Grey Wizard and the only one in the Coven who is capable of restoring balance and order. Our other members comprise of both the light and shadow sides of magic, with heads of both sides.


Lady Nimue is the Mistress of the Light, where Lady Morgana Le Fay is the mistress of the Shadow side. We assure you that neither side is necessarily good or evil, as it has been mentioned magic is all about balance and Master Merlin will maintain the balance.


On your arrival, you will need to remember your lineage. There are four houses, these are:


  • House Brigit (Red), Head of house is Master Ambrosia

  • House Dagda (Blue), Head of house is Master Gaius

  • House Arawn (Purple), Head of house is Master Frick

  • House Morrigan (Green), Head of house is Master Mordred


The first two houses believe in progression and are forward thinking, characteristics of the light side. The latter houses are the oldest and are rooted in tradition, needless to say they are houses of the shadow side.


So we are able to place you into the correct house with your fellow wizard’s please fill in the form below.  Please fill in for everyone on your ticket including yourself so we can aim to seat you in the same house.


We look forward to your visit, we promise it will be one you shan’t forget.

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