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Disclaimer:  This event is for all lovers of fantasy, magic and science fiction.  The Wizard's Brunch is not endorsed by, affiliated with or associated with Warner Bros. or J.K. Rowling or otherwise connected with Harry Potter or J.K. Rowling’s work.




Experience a brunch and dinner like no other.  A unique experience that combines dining with immersive entertainment - learn spells, drink magic potions and eat foods set for a wizard in the heart of your city. 


It’s time to dust off those broomsticks, wash off your gowns and get ready for the biggest event happening this year!  Join us in a unique world that we have created just for you with our masters as old as time itself!  


The Wizard's Brunch & Dinner is an independent immersive dining experience set in a magical universe created especially for magic lovers!  No two cities are the same - every event will vary depending on restrictions and legalities!  Please read your ticket site to ensure to review what is included. 

The Wizard's Brunch is an event for all lovers of magic and fantasy.  A place of pure imagination, great food and even better company.  Come discover the magic.... 

This is an independently run and operated event and not related in any way to any properties or brands owned by Warner Brothers. This is a unique universe which is created just for you!  Every event we create is different based on the venue parameters and restrictions - please check the event description on purchasing.




Note: On purchasing we will email around the full guest list on a shared link for you to review seating arrangements, this will be accessible by all guests attending your sitting and therefore you agree to share your name and surname with them.


Can my child come to the brunch alone?

The brunch is a family friendly event those aged between 3-15 must be accompanied by adults, 16-18 may come unsupervised at parent/guardian permission.


What do I wear?

We encourage everyone to dress up as their favourite characters from all wizarding worlds to the event. However there is no strict dress policy so for those who aren't keen on fancy dress you are more than welcome to attend in your civilian attire!


Can I sit with my friends?

Yes you definitely can. We will send around a seating plan form once all tickets are sold out for you to request where you wish to sit. You don't have to purchase tickets at the same time to sit together!


Is this event wheelchair friendly?

Yes we will have wheelchair access to the venue and on site


Do you cater for dietaries?

We will have vegetarian options available as well as a few vegan and gluten-free.


What's the refund policy?

All tickets are sold as non refundable. You may change the name for free on your tickets but we do not offer refunds regardless of circumstances.





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